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We design, manufacture, and ship pottery tools from our family-run shop in Missouri for the pottery community across the world.

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  • Design

    Each stamp and template is designed, tested, and redesigned until it meets our strict performance standards. 

  • Manufacturing

    All products we currently offer are 3D printed with our signature red PLA filament and have to pass quality and structure tests before packaging.

  • Fulfilment

    All orders are completed on a first come first serve basis. Missing info on some products may slow down delivery.


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Our next event is Michigan Mud June 16 & 17 in Traverse City, MI!

Business is booming and we can't thank you enough! We had an amazing 2022 thanks to great partnerships and some really fun events. We can't wait to see what happens in 2023!

Turn around time is now at 1-2 weeks. Most orders will ship out within one week, but the large printers slow us down and some orders will take up to 2 weeks.

We are continually working on new designs. Follow along on Instagram or FB to see the releases. And be sure to always check out our new products section. 

Customer service is very important to me and I realize that this is an area that I struggle with. We are working on ways to improve our communication. We do receive a huge amount of emails so please be patient with us.

We want to extend a very sincere and heartfelt thank you to everyone for your support. We love what we do and love sharing it with you!

- Jeff, Debi & Family

Onwards and Upwards

Thanks to an expanded staff and facilities, we are continuosly adding more products every month. Although there are many designs that have yet to be released, we are always looking for and taking suggestions for new products and partnerships to help the pottery community. Whether its a simple idea for a stamp, a few dozen templates for the class room, or several hundred custom shapes - we want to hear from you!

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