Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How are your products manufactured? 
    • All of our products we currently offer are 3D Printed using red PLA or PETG filament. 
  • Where are you located?
    • Springfield, Missouri
  • Where is my order?
    • Orders are processed in the order they are received. Sometimes your order may be delayed a few days in the event that an item you have ordered is not in stock therefor it will have to wait for an available printer. 
    • Orders can be delayed by extreme order volume, missing information, or print malfunctions. 
    • Keep in mind your order sheet has likely already begun processing within 1-4 days of placing your order. 
  • How long does an order take to process? 
    • That varies on what was ordered, if it is in high demand, and how busy we are at the time. Even though a single stamp can take anywhere from 1-10 hours to print, most orders will ship out within 2-3 weeks of purchase. It may not take this long to receive your order but please allow this amount of time when planning future projects. 
  • Why does my order have cat hair? 
    • Cats in the work area. 
  • What if I'm allergic to cats?
    • Sorry. 
  • Do we ship internationally?
    • Yes, we do ship internationally! The cost of shipping is calculated off of where you're located. We always tell people who are interested in buying and want to know what shipping will cost, to proceed with adding items to their cart until they're ready for checkout. The first step in the checkout process will have you enter your address which will then allow you to see shipping options as well as what shipping will cost. Don't worry, you can always change your mind and cancel the order if it's not what you had in mind! (: